Vykhod Sily/Выход Силы

Our Russian family have hit us up with their second release! Vykhod Sily have really hit home with this deep and thumpy release from Serbia’s GhoulCut & AlgOrh1tm. Both tunes have the ability to sneak up on you with an ever building dark vibe that slowly progress and take you on a half time tribal journey.

You have already listened to some of their podcasts which feature guest mixes that have been carefully selected by head honcho Rustee.

You need to go and cop the release… Its available for free at www.vykhodsily.net

This venture is fully supported by patrons and they are always looking for people to join and help. If you are interested, please go check them out here (https://www.patreon.com/vykhodsily_podcast)

The tunes:

You can can also follow the artists:



And obviously Vykhod Sily:


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