Sweetpea Interview

How did you come up with the name Sweetpea? Or who came up with it?

It was actually my mum that thought of the name Sweetpea. I remember when I first got my decks, I was adamant that I needed a name as soon as I got them! I remember my mum telling me to chill and just let the name come to me, don’t think too hard about it. Next morning she woke up and said ‘ what about Sweetpea, it’s what I called you as a kid’ and from then it’s stuck.

How long have you been djing for and when was your first gig?

I’ve been djing since I was 13. I first started mixing garage in a family friends basement, I asked her if I could have a go and then it became the routine every time we went over. I started to take it more seriously when I moved to London at 21. My long time friend LS Dare gave me an opportunity to play at his Birthday Bash in West London, which also happened to be the first time and place I met Philth.

Was it hard for you as a female dj to get recognition in DnB?

I think visually, people are more likely to look and be surprised if there’s a female playing but we’ve grafted and put the years of practice in just like the guys. I’ve met some amazing people through the scene and every is very down to earth, gender has never been an issue for me. You do drum and bass because you love it, not for recognition.

Where is your favorite place to play (anywhere) and why?

I love playing out in London. There’s a little family within the London scene and you’ll always catch some of the crew out, no matter what day it is.

Where do you see DnB going within the next 5-10 years?

It’s really nice seeing the progression of producers starting their own label – Alix perez 1985 , DLR Sofa Sounds, Ulterior Motive Guidance music, Breakage Index. They’re finding new talent and releasing music that they want to.
Newer labels are growing from strength to strength, this year has seen some amazing music released – Lifestyle music, The Dreamers, Addictive Behavior, Hyperactivity, Context Audio, Terabyte Records.

What do you think of the Drum and Bass scene in Romania?

Romania is definitely one of my favorite crowds to play to, everyone is out to have a good time and dance, and I’ve never seen any trouble over there. The nightclubs are in world of their own; I love the old warehouse rustic vibe. The visuals in Escape Venue are like nothing I’ve ever seen before, amazing! It’s so nice to see the scene changing after being quite neurofunk based for so long. Everything from Dispatch to Rupture nights have been held over there. Full 360.

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What are your future plans/projects?

I have a few gigs lined up for next year already, and depending of release dates my first solo releases which is exciting. I’m going to focus more on production next year. I’ve been doing it for a while now but honestly never felt confident with my music. I’ve been collaborating with some friends the last few months and they’ve given me a good kick up the backside. 

I can’t wait for Nye in Timisora!!!!

More info about Sweetpea`s future releases and gigs find following her on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SweetpeaDnb

Soundcloud:  www.soundcloud.com/sweetpeadnb


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