Structure Timisoara, Romania – Interview

Structure is a new Drum & Bass night, focusing on the deeper side of this music. Sci-fi beatz for smart people. This weekend in Timisoara, the 5th edition of Structure will take place at Escape Venue. We`ve met with Eugen Radu aka Damaja, one of the founding members, to talk about the Structure project.

Who is Structure Timisoara? How many members does it have?

Structure is composed of Dumbo, Jon, Mi-tzu and Damaja.

How did this concept came to you, how did it start?

We’ve been planning it since spring-summer 2017 and the first edition took place on the 23rd of September 2017. We wanted to start a new project that would represent us 100%, sound-wise. We focus mainly on the deeper side of drum&bass and we try to approach different sub-genres for our events.

How do you put together a Structure party? Who is in charge of it?

Well, first we decide on the guest that we want to have playing at the party. This is the first and most important decision we make. Apart from the headliner, we always try to have a guest, a Romanian DJ who, together with the headliner, outlines the idea of Structure. Then we set the date and all the details, dj`s fees, costs etc.
Depending on the guest we book, personalized artworks are made by a graphic designer. The event is then launched on social media. Another important aspect is securing the services of a competent VJ and sound engineer. We have the advantage of being able to host our events at Escape Venue a club that constantly invests in the soundsystem and the highest quality equipment.

What international labels inspire you in choosing the artists?

There are so many! As I said before, we intend to bring to the public of Timisoara a wide range of subgenres and artists. Among the major labels we can mention Critical, Metalheadz, Dispatch, Commercial Suicide, Shogun, Fokuz, 1985, MAC2, Symmetry, 31.

Apart from the major labels, we will also focus on the smaller and lesser known labels like The Dreamers, DSCI4, Skeleton Recordings, Rupture, Flexout, Warm Communications, Utopia Music, Demand Records, Proximity Recordings, etc

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What plans do you have for the near future?

At the moment, we want to continue promoting quality events where we can bring to the public established producers and fresh newcommers, and alongside them, promote local talent from our own underground scene.
We are very excited to be hosting the 5th Structure Session this Saturday (14.04) at Escape Venue with VROMM (Critical Music, 31 Records) as our special guest.

Also, our 1 year anniversary event is happening on the 13th of October and we recommend you keep your eyes peeled for that one!


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