Structure Interview

Besides drum and bass/jungle, what are other genres of music you like? What do you listen to at home, when you are alone?

I listen to some pretty random stuff to be honest. I love my soul/funk music, and I’m also really into blues, classic rock, hip-hop, just older music you know. But then the weird stuff like industrial techno, disco and metal. Just anything heavy and with some soul.

What inspires you when you create a new tune/mix?

When I’m making a new mix it’s all about the mood really. I feel like you need to set a scene. I often like to think of London (or any urban city) at night. It can be dark and angry but smooth and jazzy too. Seedy vibes.

What are your influences in music?

Funnily enough metal got me into drum and bass. It was that need for a heavier sound. But then you need something epic in there too and something like jazz that can take these sounds in any direction. And drum and bass can do that.

What made you start djing? Who was your role model/inspiration?

I got into DJing just by being put in charge of playlists for house parties when we were all younger. Sounds silly, but felt good being trusted with tunes, people responded to the music and I liked it. Music is just too good not to share. First pair of decks at 17 and was off. Inspirations were first seeing the likes of Break, Marcus Intalex, DJ Marky, fuck it, even Andy C and Hype and seeing what they could do with some good music and a crowd.

What is your favorite superhero?

Spiderman. Hands down.

If you could mix with any dj (dead or alive) who would it be?

It would easily be Loxy. The Grim Reaper. He is just ridiculous. Makes mixing look absolutely effortless and always brings the heaviest, heaviest vibes. Untouchable. DJ Flight would be another. Apart from Loxy she’s my favorite DJ.

What do you think about the drum and bass scene nowadays?

The music itself is in one of the best places it’s been in a long time. 2017 has been a huge year for jungle and the 170 sounds. Good to see the heads going deeper or going back to the roots. The rave scene, however…well it’s tough. On paper I’m sure with numbers its looking fine..but the quality of music on the nights can be shocking..Or maybe i’m just getting old. It doesn’t help a lot of nightclubs are being shut down in London also. Just pushes nights that are only focused on guaranteed numbers through the door.

Tell me 3 things that annoy you the most?

-Jump up
-Jump up
-Jump up MCs

What is your favorite label?

Of all time? Metalheadz. Recently? Samurai, Skeleton, Cylon, Foundation X, Rupture, many basically. Scene is too good right now. Need to give a shout to Ronin Ordinance too. Big things coming from them.

Why the name “Structure”?

I guess I got the name from just hearing lots of aimless sets. Random tunes being dropped with no real order. Sure, no need to be robotic but there needs to be some goal.

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What festivals in Europe/the world would you like to play? Or have played?

I’ve played at Glastonbury Festival 3 years in a row now. Would like to experience a more electronic themed festival too. Boomtown, Shambala look good. Dekmantel for techno too. Theres also just random ones in the woods which look great fun.

Where do you see the drum and bass scene going in 10 years?

I’m sure it will still be going strong. Looking forward to what the next generation have to bring once they’re fed up of hearing the same stuff. They always do. They will want to search for something deeper. Underground will always remain.

Where can drum and bass fans listen to your music/mixes?



YouTube: structure dnb (in video search..the mega mixes one) This ones more for the rollers and older stuff. Needs more TLC


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