Scrambled Interview

Hi Alex, thanks for taking the time to chat with me! Let’s start with the concept of the event. How did you, Will and Alvaro come about starting Scrambled?

Scrambled came about after some house parties at Lewis (Sicknote) house! (big up Lewis) – a whole bunch of friends got together and there would be different dj’s playing all sorts of music all day and night. They were so much fun that we thought – why not take this and make it a proper event!

And the name… You guys are big egg fans I assume? Haha 

Scrambled was a name which we thought represented the mixture of genres for the party and also doesn’t take itself too seriously – a bit like us I guess!

The event description states that “we believe in letting our DJs play what they want to play”, so I assume you you are giving the DJs complete creative freedom?
Well our thinking is that there is so much great music out there and parties now seem to be very pigeon holed in terms of genres. We think a bit of unpredictability will be fun – who knows what will get pulled out of the bag!
Following on from that, can you let us know what styles of music we can expect to hear at the event?
All sorts – we have a guy called Jacob Hodgkinson playing who has an amazing record collection! we ended up at an afterparty at his flat a few months back and he had loads of old house, breakbeat and jungle, so we decided we would ask him to play. Double O has been in the scene for years and plays everything from Detroit techno to old school hardcore and drum and bass, so theres a flavour of what might be on offer. Personally I’d love to bring some 90’s garage but I’ll probably pack a couple of bags of records and see what happens on the day!
One thing that’s quite noticeable is most of the DJs are from the DnB/Jungle scene. Will this be a running theme with the DJs performing at scrambled?
Well we are all jungle and drum and bass dj’s and producers so I guess it kind of happened naturally for our first event – we wanted to get some friends who we know are great DJ’s to come and play. But all of us are in to lots of different types of music – I’m a big garage head and I love house and techno, so there are loads of people from different scenes I would like to come and play at future parties.
The event will be held at “Redon” in Bethnal Green, London. Talk us through the selection process in finding a suitable venue for the event?
Well when this idea first came about, Alvaro and I went and looked at various venues in east London. We both live in East London and wanted the party to be there. Alvaro is a friend of the sound engineer at Redon so we went to take a look and as soon as we saw it, we felt it was the right space for our party. It just has the right vibe we wanted and we got a good feeling from the owner as well.
The event starts in the afternoon and runs until 1am, you guys are starting with a bang! Why did you decide to have the event starting in the daytime?
Erm….I can’t remember really! We just felt we would like to have a long party so we could have extended sets and also I think a day party suits for the multi genre approach!
Let’s talk about the structure of the event… with you having a loose policy on music, how will you go about programming the DJ sets so that the event runs and progresses the way you want?
It’s definitely something we have thought about, how we can have an element of freedom but without the music sounding too disjointed….that`s the challenge! You will have to come down on the day and find out !
Considering you have a relaxed attitude towards a music policy, is there any music that you guys wouldn’t allow to be played at your event?
Well I spotted a copy of a ‘Derek and Clive’ album in Lewis (Sicknotes) house recently, if he plays that it’s a straight red card! But seriously, I am happy to let the DJ’s play whatever they feel is right. We have invited DJ’s to play because we think they’re good selectors, so whatever they decide to play, will get played!

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