Release Feature – GWRK 003

It’s January 2019, everyone is skint, it’s cold and the only person happy is Santa because he’s now off work for 11 months BUT out of that we do have a wealth of amazing music already on the horizon that will warm the cockles of our cold hearts and make you feel better ? .

One of the many releases kicking off 2019 is the forthcoming Groundworks recordings release from label boss Projekt 22.

February 22nd will see the release on vinyl of GWRK 003 consisting of tracks “Intro” “A Calling” and “Insight” which actually saw a digital release in 2017 and you lucky people now have the opportunity to own it in physical form on wax.

“The Calling” and “Insight” possess that trademark Projekt 22 sound that first caught my attention when I first became aware of him branding his unique stamp on the Drum and Bass scene around 2016/17. That tribal thump of the drums, the space in the track and the eerie undertones making it a full sonic sounding 170 BPM journey.
Personally I’m a sucker for anything with a tribal vibe. Both “The Calling” and “Insight” certainly don’t seem like they are trying too hard to become that, there’s just a natural raw texture to the tracks that instantly gives me that feeling when I’m listening like I’m sitting with a remote tribe, listening to an arrangement of dudes creating these varied noises and drum patterns.

“Intro” is a different journey and a completely different feel which helps to break up the EP nicely from the predecessors, merging lovely soundscapes and atmospheres which strike a nice balance.
This track also works as a nice neutraliser which stops you from being sucked into that dark, tribal blackness expelled by “A Calling” and “Insight”.

After much critical acclaim from certain well respected people within the scene, each individual track from this EP have also become “anthems” at the now well established and respected underground event one.seventy due to the fact that event promoters Alex and Rob, as well as guest djs, have selected it so many times within the multiple events over the past few years.

Groundworks recordings had a fantastic year in 2018, really cementing their place within the 170BPM/electronic music underground scene with a string of unique and forward thinking releases and this reissue on vinyl is a great way to start off the year.

Look out for the forthcoming collaboration project with the previously mentioned London based event-one.seventy, presenting the event entitled “Visions”.
Here you will have the opportunity to hear the full spectrum of the Groundworks recordings label sound with a mixture of dj sets, live electronic sets and also a live PA.
This event is happening at Rye Wax in Peckham, London on February the 3rd. Peep the link below.


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