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When did your DJing passion begin?

The whole journey started almost 4 years ago. Some of my closest friends were already djing for quite some time and I always looked up to them and enjoyed the idea of expressing myself through music. They taught me how to do it and soon after that I got my first gig in my hometown! I can still remember how nervous I was haha! So yeah, I can fairly say that they’re the ones who made me take up this passion and they’ve been supporting me ever since!

How did you come about naming yourself “Outline”?

Well, when I first started djing, the name that I actually used was ”Netscape”, but back in late 2017, after some big personal changes, I figured that it wasn`t suitable for me and for the sound I wished to deliver. So while writing down possible names, the name ”Outline” popped up inside my head and I just sticked with it to be honest. Thought it was darker and more mature than ”Netscape”.

Let’s talk about the early equipment you learned to mix on.

Everybody’s gotta start somewhere so the first equipment that I’ve learnt to mix on was my mate’s Numark controller! None of us had CDjs or turntables so we used whatever we could to practice our mixing.

What about your present day DJ set up?

Just a pair of CDjs do the trick for me! I don’t mind if there’s another one extra though. I`m planning on learning how to play on vinyl too so we’ll see how that turns out!

What would you say would be your preferred approach to a DJ set when you are playing out?

Like I said earlier, a pair of CDjs will do just fine. I think the key is finding a balance between blending the tunes nicely together, a couple of doubledrops and letting some of the tunes play. Some of them are just too beautiful not to be left alone.

I would never ask for a top ten… But give me some indication of tunes that you always would love to include in your sets (personals!)

Tough one! Well, there are a lot of tracks that I would consider as personals. I’ll try and give you some examples though!

1. Spirit – Interval. Absolute beauty of a tune. It fits superbly as an outro, the drums, the bassline, the atmosphere… stellar vibes! Spirit’s music always had a great impact on me and even influenced me in many ways. His legacy will live forever. RIP

2. Loxy&Skeptical – Choices. Badbwoy business right here! This one’s actually one of the first tunes that I’ve heard by Loxy&Skeptical and I got hooked instantly. Dancefloor killa. ”Choose one”!

3.Total Science – All Massive. As the title suggests, it’s massive. Total Science were and still are some of the best in the game, true pioneers so the thing that I probably like the most about this tune are the rolling drums and the unmistakeable TS atmosphere. Also, I genuinely love the oldschool vibe that it transmits.

Moving on from those percys… Let’s talk about current day, give us some idea of some artists and labels that you are feeling at the moment?

There are so many good artists&labels at the moment I don`t even know who to choose! Exit Records has been my favorite label for a while now, Metalheadz being a close second and Samurai Music occupying the no.3 spot.
Speaking of the ”new age” labels and artists, the guys at Ronin Ordinance are putting out some really quality releases (shouts to my mate Ben Pearson (Chimera)), as well as UVB-76, Onset Audio, Sofa Sound Bristol, Modular Carnage, Guidance and the list could go on forever to be honest! There is so much good music being released at the moment, it`s amazing! As for artists, SL8R has been killing it lately, my fellow Romanian buddies Tobe:n&Shinbu + the legends that are Breakage&Need for Mirrors.

Let’s talk about “Stimulating Frequencies”…
Talk us through your involvement in this project and what it’s all about!

Stimulating Frequencies has only one mission: to bring quality music&events in town with the goal of giving you a party to remember,each and every time. So basically we’re a collective of djs/promoters that are trying to maintain the local drum and bass scene and the idea of an underground movement alive. My mate Erik Nemet(Rikz)founded Stimulating Frequencies back in 2016 due to the poor drum and bass movement of our hometown. I’ve joined the kru back in early 2017 and I can say that we’ve been evolving ever since and we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved so far.Our kru members play different genres like drum&bass,industrial techno, breakbeat, dubstep or grime but our main focus being of course,drum&bass/jungle. Also, in late 2017 we’ve launched the monthly “Stimulating Playground” podcast series where we invite romanian&international artists that we appreciate, to showcase their sound through a mix. With the new indoor season coming up, make sure to follow our social accounts for info regarding future events and playground episodes!

While we are on the topic of the Romanian scene… it seems to have a strong DnB scene ( I’ve experienced it first hand!) what’s it like for you living there and being part of it?

Compared to other places, the scene here in Romania is pretty solid. I mean, you’ve got the big guns, Freenetik&Structure Kru’s in Timisoara who’ve been doing an amazing job promoting the 170+bpm sound for quite some time now and having a place like Escape Underground Hub at their service is also a big advantage. The visuals of that club are mindblowing and the soundsystem is top notch as well. The guys at Drum&Bass Origins are also killing it with their quality events in Bucharest so yeah, it’s great being part of it and I feel lucky to be able to attend quality drum ans bass events in my home country.

Away from dnb music, do you listen to any other types of music? If so give me some examples…

Yeah! I can even say there are days when I don’t listen to drum and bass at all. So apart from drum and bass, I really enjoy listening to lots of other types of music from alternative rock, indie to dub&reggae, even hip hop/grime(mostly High Focus Records stuff) but that`s rare haha! Music has always been an important part of my life and it will continue on being until I’m done&dusted!

Let’s talk about the mix you have submitted for us… can you let you know how you went about putting the selection of tracks together and what equipment you used to do the mix?

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who thinks that picking the right tunes for a mix is always harder and takes more time than actually mixing them together! For this mix I tried to create a journey through darkness&light by rinsing some halftime tribalism, mental steppers and a sweet touch of jungle&amen heavyweight to finish things off. It contains some personal faves as well as some stonecold classics. I really hope you’ll enjoy the trip!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/outlinednb/

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/outlinednb 

MixCloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/outln


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