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So Nomad Audio is a new project/promotion and you are set for your 1st event on the 31st of March and I must say that the first event is looking great! Can you explain the background of how this new promotion came together? And also explain who the members of Nomad Audio are?

This project was created because we wanted to take the Jungle/Drum and Bass parties to the next level after being confident that we have our own listeners and people to attend our parties. At first, there was Freenetik Kru, a collective of about 40 DJs, each one unique in the way they play music. After a while, other well known artists joined us, artists such as Jem One, Overlook, SweetPea, Corrupted, Freqax, M:Pathy. Under this ‘Freenetik’ name, with huge support, help and involvement from the promoter of these parties, we made these events possible with the intention of promoting drum and bass and ourselves as well.
So after acquiring some experience and knowledge of the scene, we decided that it would be better to make our own smaller crew, made out of 5 members: K-Rob, Balint:z, Rhizome, Xeno and myself, Tobe:n in order to promote quality jungle music.

How is it that all of you guys involved in nomad audio became connected?

We got to listen to each other’s sound and our artistic progress by being members of Freenetik Kru and attending parties where each of us have played in the past. And after that, we got to know each other better and eventually became friends.

At RF, Overlook and Gremlinz are 2 of our favourite producers and we have also have witnessed both Overlook and Gremlinz many times do some outstanding dj sets in the UK. How was it that you came about picking these 2 as your 1st event headliners?

We personally haven’t been to a party where Gremlinz has played before but I am a big fan of his productions and I have heard some of his mixes/sets before and I have to say they were exactly the sound we would like to promote the most. Overlook has also had an amazing album release last year and also a totally unique EP this month so it would be an honour to have him by our side for this event. I have no doubt that they will both deliver the sound this project needs.

So I’m guessing that you guys are also big followers of UVB-76 too?

Yes, we are big followers of UVB-76 as well. We enjoy a lot the music they release.

Can you give me a few examples of your favourite Gremlinz and Overlook tunes?

Yes, of course! One of my personal favourites is the remix they both made for Future Cut’s Horns tunes. Another one from both of them is Apparition (featuring Ruffhouse as well). I also love Gremlinz & Paragon’s “Frost” tune. And from Overlook, I like his “Travelling Without Moving” tune and also the tune from his new EP “All of Them Witches” which is the same name as the EP.

The first event is being held at the really cool Escape Venue which we have attended a few times and always enjoyed! (especially since the system was upgraded!) Was this your first choice for the venue for your 1st event?

Yes, this was definitely our first choice as I would say there’s no better venue equipped with such a great soundsystem. Besides that, the sound engineer does his work very well so I have never heard any resonating frequencies or ear damaging sounds on the dancefloor. After all, isn’t this what makes you and me dance, feel good and share this mood?

One thing that really stood out about the Escape Venue was the amazing visuals in there, will you be having your own custom Nomad Audio visuals that will be unique to your night?

Yes, the visuals are definitely unique in that venue. There are few VJs and they are very skilled and experienced with their line of work. For this event, we will have VJ Burger, the guy who also made the party poster/cover. He’s a cool guy with an artistic way of doing his work.

From what we understand with the current scene in Romania, we notice that there’s a shortage of promoters that are pushing the deeper and more experimental side of dnb, has this always been the case within the Romanian DnB scene?

As far as I know, yes, this always was the case in the Romanian drum & bass scene. Lately, there are some other promoters that have surfaced who are doing their job very well, events such as Structure Timisoara, Hangout Music and Black Rhino come to mind, thing that proves that such things are possible if done properly.

Did events/promotions like “Hangout Music” and “Structure Timisoara” pomoting in Timisoara help inspire you guys to launch Nomad Audio?

Yes, seeing events such as the ones mentioned above inspired us. We are always looking for people, events and even cultures that can inspire us in a good way.

Do you feel it will be a difficult task translating your musical taste through the Nomad events with the lack of deeper music being pushed in Timisoara?

I am definitely sure it will not be difficult at all for any of us to do this. After all, I think this is what we actually do when we play music: we play according to our musical taste in such a way that people can listen to music they have not heard before, in order to make them resonate with us.

We are lucky enough to have you, Tobe:n (one of the members of Nomad Audio) play one of our favourite events in the UK One.Seventy. Are there any future plans for you guys to possibly do a Nomad Audio night as some point in the UK?

Yes, I`m  looking forward to playing there as I’ve been at the first two editions of the One.Seventy event in London and I was impressed in every way. We haven’t made any plans about doing a Nomad Audio event there, but we will definitely consider this option.

Outside of drum and bass what sort of music are you guys listening too/influenced by?

We are influenced by many other electronic music genres, such as dub, reggae, ambient, techno, experimental and also by other genres, such as jazz, rock, blues etc. Basically, everything that sounds good and transmits a specific emotion.

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With you having so many other influences from other genres, will you be keeping the Nomad Audio nights strictly DnB/jungle? Or be tempted to expand into other genres you feel passionate about?

I’ve had sets before where I played some experimental sounds, dub influenced jungle, atmospheric jungle and even a mixture of 170 music and techno, a genre so called ‘grey area’ of which I’m also fond of. Therefore, the main sound that will be present at our parties will be drum and bass / jungle, but our listeners should expect some of the other influences mentioned above as well.

One thing we noted when we last visited Timisoara was the large amount of pigeons hanging about in the town square, I was always worried I would get shit on while walking through there, you guys ever had a pigeon shit on you?

Haha No, I don’t think I’ve had pigeon shit on me before. But I would consider myself lucky if this happens.

So we are guessing that event wise you have other people in mind who you would like to book for future Nomad Audio nights! Can you give us some idea of the sort of artists you would like to have play for you?

Yes, we do have some other artists in mind for our next gigs, artists such as: Outer Heaven, Ahmad, Forest Drive West, Double O, Mantra, Nucleus, Paradox, Jem One and more others from the jungle scene.

So can you tell us what the long term goals are with the Nomad Audio project?

What we aim with this Nomad Audio project is to spread and share the good vibe this music brings into people and to let them know that through music, one can make true friends with long lasting friendships.




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