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Movement – Innocence
Movement is based in Brighton where he is a student. He started producing hip hop in 2015 but turned his attention to garage and dubstep in 2017. And now he moves across genres to jungle which is favourite to make! He’s originally from north London and that influences the sound he produces. His influences are Special Request, Metalheadz, Aphex Twin, Brain Eno.

So originally from London, you have been living in Brighton now for 3 years, how’s life down there?

I’m originally from Barnet and there’s no scene there, I was an hour from London, clubs are really expensive to get into etc, I then moved down to Brighton because I’m a student and I love it here, it’s a nicer way of life, it’s cheap and it’s got a wicked music scene.

RF have visited a fair amount over the years and we have always found that Brighton seems to have a strong music scene, how do you finding it now you live there?

Well I’m told that around 2010-2011, that Brighton was mainly DnB and Dubstep town but in recent years there’s been a massive resurgence in other genres, like when I first moved here for Uni about 3 years ago there was loads of Bassline music (when it was massive) and now there’s loads of multi genre nights and big names playing here regularly too so its great going to Uni here and having it all so accessible.

Following your Facebook page, we can see that you DJ out regularly in Brighton, what’s your favorite venue that you have played or even you like to attend.

My favorite venue to play at is called “Patterns”, the clubs got a wicked sound system, club policy is on point and the sound man always has things sounding good! Me and a mate/fellow dj called “baloo” used to play a monthly slot in there too, which was really cool.
My best music venue as a punter was a club called “Mono”, which I used to go to when I first moved here, it was a great club, had Some great times in there! Mono is unfortunately is now shut 🙁

So you began making hip hop 3 years ago, now you have transitioned to making Garage, Dubstep and more recently Jungle, talk us through how this transition came about?

I originally started making Hip Hop with my friend “SHXV”, who I still occasionally collaborate with, but when I got to Uni I got massively into dance music as a lot of people do. I started off experimenting with Tech House and Garage. My label co owner Adam then introduced me to Dubstep and after that I was a fully blown dance music addict. Before then I liked it, but after discovering proper Dubstep like Deep Medi and Tempa, I got properly immersed in that world. It felt natural to start making these darker, bassier tunes. So for a while I was making Dubstep. I’m known for Garage because of timing, as I was making Garage at the time where my mix downs started to actually sound professional. I still make alot of Dubstep but don’t release it, usually keep it them as dubs for playing out and stuff. Me and my good friend Aria (AKA Mirah) are planning on recording a proper dub album when we graduate, as I play bass and he’s a guitarist. I used to play around with Jungle alot, but didn’t get into it properly until I was introduced to metalheadz, and subsequently V recordings, Philly Blunt and then older ones like Suburban Base. My favorite release ive ever done is coming out in April on Boomsha Recordings and is Jungle!

Production wise, do get a lot of free time to make music? And what sort of equipment are you working with? (Hardware/software)

The core of my production is a DAW (digital audio workstation), I started off on FL studio, which my mate gave to me, which was pretty basic / entry level stuff, which I was just making hip hop beats on, then moved on to Apelton Live when I got a new Mac and never looked back really!
Recently my father (who is a musician himself) gave me a mini Mackie mixing desk, which I use a lot now.
A lot of the music I think is the best-produced stuff of all time is made on analog equipment take Fleetwood Mac. – Rumors, for example, the production quality is phenomenal, sounds better than anything made today in my opinion. I try and run my productions through the Mackie mixing desk to give it that analog feel and I intend to keep investing into analog equipment as I go and add to my production set up.

You mentioned that your dad is a musician and massive music fan in general, do you think his music taste when you were growing up has affected your musical taste and view on music now as an adult?

My dads very focused on particular parts of music, so I got played a lot of soul, reggae, a bit of rock and a lot of world music growing up.
I would definitely say Soul and RnB had the biggest effect on me; it will be my favorite Music until the day I die! What I enjoy most is it’s melodic driven music and that also comes through in the music I produce now. Its from the reggae / dub which lead to my love of bass, like some of the Lee Scratch Perry tracks I was played when I was younger that I grew to appreciate even more when I heard them when I was older with a sub!

A few years back I witnessed a seagull pull over a massive bin when I was in Brighton, this thing was massive!
Can you tell me how they get so big???

Well wheelie bins are getting tipped over on pretty much every street in Brighton by seagulls! Basically every weekend there’s all sorts left on the beach in the summer and seagulls make their absolute feast on it and that’s why they get so big!
Just to give you an example, in my first year of Uni, after a night out, I was feeling worse for wear and had a baaaaaaaad hang over, so went and bought my self a hench burrito (a perfect hang over cure!)
I’m walking along and a seagull swoops down and takes it off in his claws! This is a prime example of life down here living with seagulls!
These things will attack you! And have no fear! I’m not used to seeing birds that size coming from Barnet!

Moving away from giant birds… You’ve recently started a weekly radio show on Trickstar radio, can you talk us through the platform of the show and what sort of music you are playing?

Its a weekly show that I do with Adam Doherty AKA Blends, it’s basically based around our record label Dissident Sound, which is about playing and promoting forward thinking electronic music that we are liking at the moment, so a lot of Dubstep, Techno, Garage and Jungle, mixed in with Jungle influenced stuff like 130 bpm breaks. Most of the time in our shows we are mostly concentrated on that 130-140 bpm tempo range but then we will do a jungle special like we did the other week! Adam is more passionate about the 130-140 bpm range so we balance it by compromising with each other and rotating who does what week to week as it’s me who’s also passionate about the jungle aspect of music and I want this represented in the radio shows we do.

So between radio, DJ’ing out and making music, it must keep you quite busy Sam! What do you get up to in your spare time away from this?

Something I really enjoy is photography and also Astrophotography.
I used to take pictures of the nights sky and when I did these little galaxies and nebulas would show up on my camera, I then started putting them on Instagram and used to have a blog too, which was full of pictures of the Orion nebula and stuff like that.
I’ve always been interested in science and I was originally going to do biology at university, basically I’m just a bit of a nerd and I love it!

Recently we see that you have launched a label, can you give us some info on this new venture??

Dissident Sound is the product of me and my long time collaborator Blends (Adam Doherty). He introduced me to Dubstep and we both go to all the Dubstep nights. From digging through Dubstep we discovered artists like Biome, who was making a more techno influenced style of Dubstep, whilst Dubstep OG’s like Loefah were setting up labels like Swamp 81,which also put out the kinda music we love. Essentially, we saw a gap in the market for this, as yet an unnamed style of dubstep and techno fusion and decided we wanted to start releasing others peoples music! We currently have three releases planned and a massive compilation due in the summer with some sick artists, Cant name any names at the moment but keep your eyes peeled!

We see you’ve been included in a list of artists to watch in 2018, congratulations dude! How’s this been for your motivation?

It’s very encouraging! I’ve been making tunes for about 4 years now and it’s really nice to get some recognition. It makes me realize it’s worth all my time that ive been investing into making music and also I realize I can step up my game even more, for instance I’ve been buying new equipment for my studio and also starting up the record label.

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So after our 1st podcast we managed to link you with Boomsha recordings after Daren enquired about you, last we heard there were talks of an EP from you, how’s things going with this?

So basically I was contacted by Daren, (who may I say I one of the loveliest guys to work with, he really cares about his artists and wants to nurture them too) he liked the track “warehouse” that you played in the first podcast and he basically contacted me and said I love you’re sound, then asked me to do an EP for for him and I said yes, I feel it’s been some of my best work to date. It’s been sent over to Daren and hopefully will be released in April. It will be 4 jungle tracks and one 130 bpm breaks track.

We discussed influences and you mentioned some diverse but pretty cool names like-Special Request, Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, the label Metalheadz. If you could pick any producer to work with, who would it be and explain why?

At this point in time it would be special request, because I really love his sound! I’d love to be making some warehouse bangers! There’s something about them break beats in his music that are so RAW, I love them! But it’s mood, so it’s also depending on how I’m feeling, it could be Aphex Twin or Brian Eno from day to day.

Finally… We are at the beginning of the year; you must have loads in the pipeline! Can you give us some ideas of what we can expect from you in 2018?

So I finish Uni in the summer (which I can’t wait for!) and then my plan is to move home, get a job (which will keep me going while), concentrate on the new label, releasing music off of it and also producing more of my own music also. I co run an events company called Tropicale with Marko (Baloo) and Rikki (RVB). We have got events coming up which we are incredibly excited about! We are planning on taking Brighton by storm!! So I will still concentrating on that heavily even though I am moving back to Barnet. I’m also looking forward to catching up with friends back home, as I don’t often get to see them very often as I live so far away.

Thank you Movement for taking the time to talk to us!



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