Mighty Boogie Interview

Hello Bogdan or Mighty Boogie as you are known for the drum and bass lovers. Hope all good. Now let`s start.

Why the name “Mighty Boogie”?

Hello! Well, the name came more as a joke.One day a friend called me that and I was looking for a DJ name that time…so I though it sounds funny. Also I think a name should reflect your character or the music you play in a way but it’s not so important.

What is your favorite label?

It’s hard to name just one to be honest, but at the time I think it must be V Recordings.

What do you think about the Drum and Bass scene nowadays? How do you think the scene has evolved since you started DJing?

I think the scene worldwide is great.Like any music genres it has its ups and downs but right now drum and bass is very solid. I love the fact that for many years its divided in so many subgenres and there is a flux of constant talent coming on board.
To answer the second part of the question, the scene had changed a bit. Because of the technology and the easy access to music, these days there are considerable more djs, the crowd is a little different and the rules of the game changed slightly. It’s way easier to become a dj these days…

I know that you moved to Berlin. How is the DnB scene there?

The scene in Berlin is ok. There are just a few clubs that are promoting Drum and Bass constantly but the events are well done and the selection of artists is very good. They cover the hole spectrum.The sound is good and the crowd is decent. As you might know the nightlife here is ridiculous (in a good way) and I wish there where more DnB nights.

You have mixed with many international DJs and Romanian also. Who is your favourite, if you have one?

Hmm, hard question. Everyone has it’s own mixing style and sometimes I’m impressed by that and sometimes by the selection of an artist or sometimes both. I think the most important think a DJ must create is a good vibe on the dance floor. There artists like Friction, AMC, or Andy that you get blown away by the way they mix a set and there are artists like, Randall, Marky, Break that will always tell a story with their music. So I can’t name just a name.

If you could pick any producer to work with, who would it be and explain why?

That producer would be definitely Break. Artists like him pushed things forward regarding production. Of course there are lots of producers that would inject life in any sound but Break is the first that came into my mind as a good balance between style of music and technique.

What made you start DJing? Who was your role model/inspiration?

Well I started collecting records at one moment and having all the equipment I start playing out and I loved it. To see people dancing and sharing that passion for the same music is a wonderful feeling. I didn’t had a role model but maybe as an inspiration where all the DJs around me that time and my hometown had plenty. I was inspired by turntablists when I started because I thought a good DJ has to know how to mix everything.

What are your influences in music?

I am influenced and inspired by everything around me but mainly by other peoples music. If I have a day I don’t know how to continue a tune or I just feel uninspired, I just start listening to a good mix or an internet radio station like Bassdrive or Radio Nula and instantly I have to write down a couple of ideas I must tryout.

I know you have played at some Drum and Bass festivals in your time. Which was your all time favourite?

It’s not quite a Drum and Bass festival but playing at Outlook was my favourite. The crowd and the location where brilliant.

Production wise, do you get a lot of free time to make music? And what sort of equipment are you working with? (Hardware / software)

For the moment I study Audio Engineering and music production so that is what I do all day. Hope to keep it like that a long time. I’m working on my debut album so concentrating on that is an everyday job. As equipment I work in the box using Logic Pro and an Apollo Twin interface. I am lucky with the studios at SAE Berlin where I abuse some amazing outboard gear. Working on Neve console is nuts. As software I use Serum Massive as synths, Universal Audio plugins, Sound Toys as Fx, Native Instruments Komplete 11, Ozone 8, Neutron and Waves. All these are way too many but having options is great.

What advice would you give to DJs that are just now getting started?

I hate advicing cause is so easy missunderstood… Just be persistent cause nothing comes easy, be passionate about what are you doing and polish your craft.

Thank you for your time! Cheers!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The.Mighty.Boogie/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mightyboogie


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