Jaskin and Uneven Interview

Yo yo dudes, hope you are good! So you guys are both solo producers but make a lot of music as a duo, when did you guys start making music together?
Jaskin & Uneven – I think it was 2015 when we first tried to do something together. We started few projects and were going back and forth with them pretty much. 
It was 2017 when we finally got into the right groove and yeah, keep going ever since.
How about individually as solo producers, do you make a lot of music on your own?
Uneven – We do yes. We don’t always share the same view on the projects so sometimes we might end up with one of us finishing the tune on his own.
Jaskin – Usually I do all live jams and recordings on my own, as an idea generator, after that its a matter of whether we will like idea and finalize it together or not. Sometimes tracks are written too quick for us to work on them together 🙂 
When you guys start making a beat, is it always together in the studio? Or do you do a lot of stuff remotely and send it back and forth?
Uneven – Normally one of us would start a sketch and then if we both feel it we work on it. Jaskin does a lot of jams with his hardware
and send over the recordings. Before we worked a lot together in the studio, but as Jaskin now moved to Bristol we’re trying to work out the way to work remotely.
We still try to finish all our stuff together in one room.
One thing that strikes me about your music is your versatility, whether you guys are rolling with some autonomic niceness, a smooth deep vibe or a more dancefloor orientated driving beat it’s always spot on! Do you approach each tune with the intention to create a certain style or let it organically come together?
Jaskin & Uneven – To be honest we never plan what tune it’s going to be at the end. We just go with the flow and see where we gonna get.
Sometimes the tune that started as a techy roller ends up being a deep halftime thing. And that’s the beauty of it.
Let’s talk about studio set up! Talk us through what you guys are working with? (DAW, hardware etc.)
Uneven – I run Ableton Live Suite 10 on my MacBook Pro with a pair of Yamaha HS8 monitors and a midi keyboard.
Jaskin – My Daw of choice is Cubase, now at version 9.5, where I do all arrangement and mixing. The creative part of my studio comes from Maschine MK3 with few hardware synthesizers (Nord Lead 2x, Arturia Minibrute 2s, Yamaha cs2x, Volca FM and RX11, the final one and the first synth ever MikroKorg I owned), few guitars (which i should use and record more frequently) and some fx perdals and rack units. At the moment I use 5 inch genelec monitors (sad they are not mine) but we used to do all our music on Tapco S8 which doing an excellent job at another of our music studios in Bristol.
Away from DnB do you guys listen to any other genres of music?
Uneven – Yeah, loads. I hardly listen to dnb apart from checking the new stuff and some podcasts in the car to be honest. I like to listen to some techno and electronica sometimes, Ambient, Ethno and Folk stuff is my thing. Loads of old school blues and rock too. Timeless music.
Jaskin – I would say there is no bad Genre, but music can be shitty. I do listen absolutely to everything, from pop to metal, jazz to techno, spiritual music to some freaky, free form alternative Jazz like “Ronald Shannon Jackson ‎– Pulse” where i find a lot of interesting elements to use with our creations.
I remember a while ago seeing that Jaskin was testing out fresh tunes on the car stereo at work (very classy cars indeed i may add), aside from the car stereos, do you guys get a chance to test out at gigs?
Uneven – We do play out occasionally when wenget invited. Played at Noise Test couple of times where we we actually did a set of all our productions, big up Medika for having us. Guys from The Mine, High Rank Audio, OMusic invite us to their nights so yeah, happy to unleash the beats.
Jaskin – On the top of what Uneven said we do play regularly when we do visit our home town.
Hometown! You guys are both from Latvia right? How is the scene out there?
Jaskin – Uneven is from Latvia and I am from Lithuania, but we are still Baltic brothers for life. In Lithuania, specially in Vilnius, there is a small but quite strong drumandbass community, you’ll find at least one dnb or jungle event a week. There are quite few quality Night Clubs like “Kablys” which brings innovative and quality dnb artists every month. Then The Rastaday which happens every Thursday delivering sounds from dnb to hardcore. There is also a radio show on National Radio station – Baltic Champions, that delivers drum and bass sound every week. So yeah if you looking for dnb in Lithuania you’ll find it.
Uneven – It was quite healthy in the late 90’s up to late 00s. There was a bunch of crews running really cool events, with some wicked artists brought over, keeping the scene on it’s toes. Good times really. But at the moment sadly there is effectively no scene at all. There are still few active junglists that i know who DJ every now and then but that’s about it.
So recently after asking you for some fresh tunes for a mix, you sent over a folder of fresh beats and they were in my opinion all AWESOME! Which got me wondering… How do you go about sending out music and how do you decide what people/labels you send it to?
Jaskin & Uneven – We don’t really send our music out a lot. We have a short list of people who we regularly send our stuff to, friends and people who’s music we really feel. With the labels it’s the same, trying not to get ahead of ourselves and spam everyone with our stuff 😀 Andy from Silent Dust was really helpful with advice too. Big up Andy!
Talking of signing tunes, who would be your dream label for you guys to get music signed to?
Uneven – I’m a big Om Unit fan, so probably to get something out on Cosmic Bridge would be really cool. But there are a lot of wicked labels out there that are pushing the real sound and we’re just happy to contribute our bit.
Jaskin – Oh… that’s a really difficult one, as from previous questions you noticed, we like all kinds of Drum and bass. There are a lot of great labels in the scene, but my all time favorite is Paradox and his sub label Arctic music.
How about artists/labels within Drum and Bass that you guys follow as fans?
Uneve – A lot to be fair. I think the scene is quite healthy at the moment. There is always something cool to dig out. 
There’s Om Unit (all the Cosmic Bridge camp really), Lewis James, Hidden Turn, Kid Drama, Calibre first come to mind
Label wise there are too many, Cosmic Bridge, None60, Narratives, Metalheadz, CNVX, Rua Sound just to start with, but there’s many many more.
Jaskin – One of my long time favorite is talent from France – Naibu. Guys like Lewis James, Seba, Om Unit, Rainforest, Dead Man’s Chest to name a few, always make my ears happy. I do love what None60 guys releasing, my top favourite label for years now.
So with a new year beginning can you give us some idea what the future holds for you guys in 2019??
Jaskin & Uneven – We got an EP coming freshly out On Regression Media, then there’s a track on the None60 compilation and another EP later in the year that we can’t tell much about yet. Also there are few solo releases lined up for Jaskin –  Pinecone Moonshine VA Vinyl EP and one track for Lithuanian drum&bass family – Baltic Champions VA CD. We’re also working on new music, so hopefully some of it will get signed too.
So you have done a music showcase for us, can you let us know how you went about putting the mix together and what equipment you used?
Jaskin & Uneven – We try to record all our mixes live and this one wasn’t an exception. We would normally have a draft tracklist and just play a live set. Usually we go classic way – 2x Technics decks, 2x Pioneer cdj850, Rellop rmx60 mixer and two USB sticks works like a charm for us.
Jaskin,  earlier on you mentioned Live Jams! I really enjoy them man! When did you start experimenting with the live set up, and also any plans to do any live sets at any point in the future?
Jaskin – Thanks man, it’s been a long way journey, but it’s still only a beginning. I’m a hands on guy, always like to play real instrument rather than programming on computer. So, I bought my first synth around 6 years ago, it was mikroKorg and this is where it all somehow began. I used it every now and then, but eventually I realised that something was missing. So, when second one (nord lead 2x) appeared the jams never stopped. Synths come and go, I just try to experiment and learn as I’m still developing my style, live performance structure and technique. Live sets are definitely coming, can’t say how soon, but I am getting there!
It’s been cool chatting to you guys! Any thing would you like to add before we wrap this thing up?
Jaskin & Uneven – Big shout to all who follow us, buy and play our music. It really means a lot! And also to the guys who believed in our music.
Andy, Dom, Andrey & Roman, Denis big up yourselves! There’s more to come.

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