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First off, we recently did the Nomad Audio interview with you and the rest of the crew before your first event, how did it go man?

The party was sick! Both Gremlinz and Overlook delivered more than we had expected.

So an encouraging start! We see you have also released the next line up for October! X nation and Djinn headlining. So you had planned both events well in advance then?

Yeah, we had both of them planned and the artists booked earlier.

We also noticed that you are involved in another promotion called “Spirit Totem” can you tell us a little more about this, talk us through the concept of the night and also what music it is promoting?

Spirit Totem is a new project that me and my nomad mate Balint:z recently created. We felt like deep/ambient techno sounds way too good not to be promoted and since both of us listen to it and like it so much, we thought it would be a good idea organise an event each month with live streaming, hosted in the place we usually go out to have a drink with our friends.

So Spirit Totem is a small scale version of the Nomad Audio promotion then? Must be good to express your musical passions through different events?

Yes, I guess it is. Yes, it feels very good to express myself and to reach out to other people by doing this.

So let’s talk about your music. When did you start producing music?

I started producing about 3 years ago when a friend of mine, Eugen (aka Beepo) saw the potential I have and gave me a few advices while also teaching me the basics of Ableton.

How about the release schedule for this year, we recently played Parallax in our last podcast which is due out later in the year, what else have you got in store?

I’m constantly working on new sounds so there’s plenty of music to be released in the future, so stay close.

Sounds interesting… Could there be alternative genres on the horizon too?… 

Yes. I will have a track released on One.Seventy soon, in which you can hear my grey area / jungle / dub techno / ambient / drone influences all together in one track.

Talk us through the equipment you use for making your music, are you just strictly software based? Or do you also work with hardware too?

The essentials for me are my laptop, Ableton, an audio interface and a pair of headphones / studio monitors. Apart from these, I also use a drum machine which also has 2 synths, another devices that has generative synth, a recording device (for soundscapes, noises etc) and a few midi controllers.

So away from music for a bit, what do you do with yourself when you are not being a DJ or producing music?

I am a web developer for living. And apart from that, I workout, exercise in order to keep myself healthy, and I’ve recently started practicing yoga as well.

So on may 6th you will be playing at one of our favourite events, ONE.SEVENTY. You’ve attended one before haven’t you?

Yes, I actually attended the very first two events of One.Seventy

How did you discover the ONE.SEVENTY events?

I found out about these events from a Facebook group called ‘Autonomic:Minimal○LowEnd:Frequency’ which promotes quality 170 (and related) sounds. So I decided to pay my girlfriend a visit, which happens to study in England, and we agreed to attend this ‘One.Seventy’ event that we saw on Facebook.

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Yes, just like us and we are avid followers and supporters of Avery James and his group on Facebook, we have discovered a lot of music through that group in the past and still do. Do you still follow the group on Facebook now? And do you discover a lot of music through it like us?

Yes, it’s the only Facebook group where I still have notifications active so that I can stay up to date with the latest news and tracks. I discover good music by just scrolling through latest posts. I can only thank all the people around there who get involved and promote quality over quantity.

From a DJ’s perspective ONE.SEVENTY must be a great event to play at. Having attended every event we have seen a wide range of music played in sets from soundscape to minimal and deep underground Drum and Bass to autonomic to breakbeats and even once a 93` jungle set! Experimenting and pushing boundaries of music is what they allow the DJs to do. Can you tell us about the sort of stuff we can expect to hear from your set?

I wouldn’t like to spoil it beforehand, but I can say that I will be playing some interesting new tracks of mine along with some other dubs as well.

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