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We have been Listening to and currently loving the new tunes to be released by Conspired Within Music guys, big ups. Capitulating perfectly that vibe that the labels best known for! Firstly, how did the EP with Conspired Within Music come about?

Thanks, we really appreciate the love and support. We originally linked up with Ryan Conspired Within when he hit us up while he was looking for tracks for the Artist Collective LP. Prior to the release of the LP we chatted a bit about music and he asked whether we would like to do a single release later. We liked that idea and that’s how the ball started rolling.

Talking of capitulating the vibe.. Did you make these tunes for the label?

Well, yes and no. Initially neither of the tracks were finished when we sent them to Ryan for the first listen, especially Square One was pretty raw at that moment and Ryan’s enthusiasm kind of drove us to finally finish it. Obsessive Compulsive on the other hand was originally started as a completely different tune which was almost finished. When we tried to mix it down, we realized that the track did not work, so we decided to scrap it and use some of the elements to start a new track that eventually became Obsessive Compulsive.

Recently we also saw a release of a remix of another one of our favourites Tobe:n and record label Din Is Noise. The remix of hypnosis was another outing we were loving, tell us about how you came about remixing that beat?

Tobe:n hit us up and asked if we were up for a remix. From the beginning we had the idea to make a remix that would be basically a 170 bpm techno track with 4/4 kick and we also tried to use the original speech samples to create a slightly disturbing and anxious atmosphere. We think it worked nicely but still retained the vibes and sounds of the original track.

Talking of recent releases you had a track of the Med school compilation-NEW BLOOD. The track offered a different vibe from your normal outings, had that feel of a Marcus Intalex production 🙂 We really liked it, after this can we expect you coming with more different vibes with future offerings?

We have some rough sketches that are kind of house and (dub) techno influenced deeper 2 step rollers, so the answer is possibly maybe. Trying out different styles and not doing the same thing over and over again keeps things interesting and allow you to learn new studio tricks that you might not otherwise.

In the last 2 answers you’ve referenced “influences”, I’m guessing you guys listen to a lot of other types of music then? (if so) Can you give us examples of what other music/artists you listen to?

Yeah we draw influences from various styles of music consciously and also unconsciously. Otto has been listening to a lot of ambient and IDM, some techno, especially deep, dubby and hypnotic stuff, but also some weird, wonky and broken stuff. Also because autumn is very close to arriving, shoegaze has been crawling slowly to his headphones.

Some of the artists that have been on heavy rotation could be Mohlao, Luigi Tozzi, Donato Dozzy, Warmth, Lusine, Deepchord, ASC, Forest Drive West, Kowton, Terekke, Hodge, Skee Mask, 214, Autolux, Nothing and True Widow.

Matti has been listening to a lot of deep house and garage during the summer as the weather’s been amazing here. Groovy tunes are perfect for outdoors hangouts/picnics. Artists like Fouk, Detroit Swindle, Flava D, Dale Howard, Demuja, Angelo Ferreri and Brame & Hamo have been on my playlists.

Going back to Med school, it’s a big deal to get a release off that label mainly for artist exposure, with it being so big within the industry. Have you seen increased interested since the NEW BLOOD compilation dropped?

We can’t say much other than by looking at stream and social media numbers that it’s been the biggest thing for us yet. The people who find us through the release expecting to hear similar stuff might not be into our other tunes though.

From an artists perspective, when you make a slightly different vibe to what people who follow you may be used to, do you feel a lot of pressure with expectation of current fans?

Not with this project, at least not yet, but we’ve had some previous experiences with other projects that there has been some pressure and people have been saying stuff like “why don’t you do stuff like this and that anymore”, which is not always the best thing to tell an artist 😀

So you guys are from Finland, how is the dnb scene out there?  

Healthy! There used to be a time that not much was happening here in Helsinki, but now things are rolling nicely. We have good dnb parties here almost every other week. There are active promoters in other major cities too. In the 00’s we used to have a lot of producers as well, but on that front it’s been a bit quiet lately. There are some potential people who you might have to keep an eye on, such as Askel and Pulseye.

Its great that it’s healthy! What sort of styles of dnb seem to be most popular in Finland? 

The drum’n’bass kind of drum’n’bass. People aren’t that locked to certain subgenres, so you might get your stadium dnb, neurofunk bangers, techy rollers, liquid rollers, jungle choppage and jump up tunes during the same night, and djs like to mix styles, so that keeps things interesting and healthy.

Do you guys get many chances to dj out much yourself?

We get to play every now and then, and we recently did a small event ourselves where we tried blending deeper drum’n’bass with techno. It seemed to go down pretty well, djs and crowd enjoyed it so maybe we’ll do it again later.

So let’s get into the studio set up! Talk us through the equipment you guys are working with?

We’re sharing the studio with 2 fellow producers Infader and Bze, and the whole gear acquisition syndrome has gotten totally out of hand there. The heart of the setup is still a PC running Ableton Live and FL Studio, some plugins accompanied with Motu Ultralite audio interface and Adam A8X monitors. We also have various hardware synths, couple of samplers a bunch pedals and effect units. Everything is connected to the computer with a Mackie 24.8. mixer which we kind of like to use as an instrument itself too by connecting things to form feedback loops and tweaking with the eq’s and all that. The best of both worlds.

Do you always make tunes in the studio together or are tunes made remotely and sent between each or a mixture?

We try to bring ideas we’ve sketched with our iPads or daws to the studio, and sometimes also work on our tracks alone in the studio as it allows you to concentrate more on working on details and crafting ideas and experiment more, but we also try to get to studio together for a session where we usually try to finish the tracks arrangements and mixdowns. Jamming, dubbing and recording sounds and automations live has become a big part of our creative process, so that really requires us both to be there, but either of us can really lay down the foundation for those sessions.

Sometimes we just like to mess around with the equipment and record everything and we’ve been building a sample bank that way so we can easily pick midrange growls, some percussion sounds or drones and effects when needed.

So can you give us an idea of what the rest of 2018 holds for you?

We have a release lined up for Ronin Ordinance, but we have to mix the other track first, so not sure if it will be out this year, or early next year. We’ll make more tunes and we’re working on some collaborations with likeminded producers. Otto is learning to use Ableton Live at the moment as well, so maybe that will lead to something new in the future.

It’s been great chatting with you guys and once again big up on the release! Anything you would like to add before we end the interview?

Thanks for the interview and the kind words. Big up Ryan Conspired Within for the support and also big thanks and shoutouts to Brian, Steph, Akinsa, Fuj, Mister Shifter, Criba, Forge Sound boys, Autonomic:Minimal group fam and Musa Nörtti Tsätti crew, and especially to everyone who’s been listening to our music and coming to our gigs. Your support means a lot.



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