Gig feature – Indira May

Early 2018: when on a mission for fresh music for a podcast I was co-running, I indirectly stumbled across a Brighton based singer who goes by the name of Indira May. 
At the time of approaching her for music, luck was on my side as she had just finished her debut 3 track EP entitled “Strange” and she sent it straight over. After listening constantly for about an hour I was blown away by what I heard. Her vocal presence, style and vibe on every track… Her voice became an instant favourite.
Fast forward to February 2019 and I’m in Soho. After hitting up the local record shops and bagging some nice new sounding vinyl, it was time to check her singing live for 3rd time. 
I attended with my friend Anna and we were lucky enough to get a decent spot right at the front of the gig in the basement of “The Spice of Life” venue. First impressions was how loud it was down in the basement with the high amounts of annoying background chatter BUT after sound check I could tell the sound system seemed well engineered, sounded decent and that was the most important thing. 
Indira backed by Leroy on guitar and Hutch on keys delivered a stripped back jazzy performance where she breezed her way effortlessly through all of her EP tunes and one additional offering, delivering a flawless vocal performance with Leroy and Hutch setting the vibes to make it a short but very sweet performance. 
I am lucky enough to attend a lot of live gigs and see a lot of vocalists (male and female) and in my opinion Indira is one of the most naturally gifted singers I’ve seen sing live in the last few years. Her voice gives me the same feels that I got when I first heard Amy Winehouse when she first came on the scene about 20 (ish) years previous, that raw uncompromising style which sets her completely apart of most other vocalists. 
Last night I was REALLY happy to discover that Indira will be releasing her debut album this year! Which she is working on currently… 
The album is scheduled for release in September and judging by how good her previous “Strange” EP was, I have no doubt it will be dope 🙂  

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