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Hi Eduard, Thanks for taking the time out for a chat! 

Lets start with where I discovered your music alias “DYL” . . . The 2015 album “Elements” put you firmly on my music radar! How have things changed for you personally as a producer from then to the artist you are now?

Hi Tom, my pleasure as always, I’m happy to hear that, as any other of my releases, that album was something meaningful for me. I think not that much from the perspective of my artist vision because I’am following the same structure of randomizing my music as much as I can and feel.

So from the 2015 “Elements” onto the new 7 track LP “Sonder” in 2019 . . . When did the idea of the project with lost paradise recordings get conceived? 

I think the idea came a few years ago while I was working on the „ Gates of Charon „ project, an amazing project with a lot of great artists involved, a whole beauty that I’m honoured I’m part of.

My good friend Geoff asked me if I would be up for an album, I instantly said yes and a some time later here we go. I want to thank him and Rob for the oportunity. Big Up Paradise crew! 

“The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own” sums up what happens when I looked into the album title 🙂 deep sentiments to go with the depth of the album?

I tried to create an objetive story for everyone,  „ a bit of everything for everyone ”  for example the first song with Aura touches two worlds:

In the first part of it everything’s about the happiness and the beautiful I tried to approach a chill vibe and the second part is about erasing the beauty melting whats left from old good days into faded memories, down pitched far away voices.

You know, music is interpreted by people in different ways, there are different sensations generated by a song for every person, for some people love songs are just sad memories for other are good memories.

The whole idea was to create a few versions of the same song in the same song, as part of an illusional evolution but in the end to be just a procrastination of the same idea but through different life experiences and feelings.

Let’s talk about the artwork for Sonder, when I received the album I was very impressed, it looks awesome , Who’s responsible for it? 

The guy responsable for the artwork is my good friend Adrian Teodor aka submillimetre, he is a very talented guy,we have worked together a few times till now, he did the artwork for some of my RE:ST, Nord Label, Translation Recordings releases too.

I was thinking to try and get together a trip through my own vision, I wanted to show the world the music I see,  I started everything with the idea that I have to write a story.

As I’ve come to expect and love about you as a producer is how you explore the depths of electronic music but with the occasional break from that to more “Dj friendly” music most notably in 2018 the release on context audio with fellow Romanian – Brusten. Can any we expect anymore of them sorts of vibes coming from you in 2019?

Not in 2019 but I’m working on more „ DJ FRIENDLY „ oriented music, basically everything is in progress on that side.

Talking of the collaborations, you seem to enjoy them! With a long list of awesome collabs with various different artists over the years, do you find you work just as well with any producer as you do rolling solo?

Yes mate, I like to work with people with the same concept of creative freedom but with different application of the ideea it’s always interesting, also talking about collaborations, I only want to say that my good friend DB1 and I we’re working on something special, soooo, expect more.

Excitiing to hear there will be more DB1 collaborations, You guys enjoy making music together then? 

Yes, I really enjoy working with Dylan he’s a great friend and producer , we have good flow, everything goes quickly, it’s like we’re using the same brain.

It’s interesting you said about Dylan and how you flow so well together etc, I’m Guessing you guys work remotely with your collaborations?? Have you ever had the chance to be in the studio together?

Yea, we didn’t had the chance so far to work in the same room but, it s a part of a future plan.

With collaborations with other producers in general… Are you particular who you work with on music? 

I usually tend to work with people with the same ideas as mine regarding the music, people that force music into the unlimited experiments.

One of the quotes from you last year that stuck in my mind were the comments regarding the EP on AlphaCut recordings – “One of my biggest dreams as a producer came true!!”, this quote I honestly can understand why too, it’s one of my favourite labels! Now you’ve achieved goal that can you give us some ideas of any other labels that you would love to have a release on?

I’m actually working on something for one of my all time fav labels and that is Weevil Neighbourhood, when Martsman had the idea I was so happy like it was the Christmas day. Weevil’s output is just next level, it’s a label that has constistency in highest quality.

For someone who’s got such a complex soundscape like you do, I’m really intrigued to know who are your main musical influences? And why you are at it, give us a run down of the sort of music you a feeling at the moment? ( any genre ) 

In this moment I’m listening Emptyset and in the next second I’m into Thievery Corporation, both are vibrating different and are generating different emotions what I’m doing is to find a middle way to connect these 2 feelings and find my new weird way it’s hard for me to pick up some artists as I’m trying to go random between the genres and remove the borders.

Let’s talk about your studio! Talk me through the equipment you are using currently?

Field recordings are the key, I do not own many gear stuff at the moment but I’m having a lot of fun with Lyra-8 lately.

Aside from our chat, you have also recorded a music showcase for us too! DOPENESS! Can you explain how you prepared the mix and also what dj equipment you used to put it together? 

Thanks man, I was thinking to cover a bit of everything from what I ever done, I’ve basically just Dj’d the tracks. No big DYL.

Staying with DJ’ing , We see you are a resident Dj at the event “Nomad Audio”, in Timisoara. How did you come about working with those guys?

I was invited by them at some point to play and in that night they asked me if I would join and it was an instant Yes! who would say no to working with people who are like minded. With this opportunity I want to thank Gratian, all the Freenetik crew and the Nomad crew for being such great people, Keep it up!

How about your dj sets at the Nomad Audio events, what sort of artists do you include in your sets (apart from your own)?

I can say that most of my sets are constructed with tracks from artists like DB1, Felix K, Overlook, Pessimist, Ghost Warrior, Martsman etc.

So let’s talk about what you have lined up for the future and also what’s been happening recently release wise …

Well firstly , the first MOLT release, a label by my good friend Blanca and myself which is wicked and also I’m had an EP that came on Detach Recordings a new label from Prague owned by Nils aka Moll+, this EP contains a collab with one person that has inspired me as a producer and it’s about Senking and also a collab with DB1,  Also currently I’m working on a release for Weevil Neighbourhood which make me very enthusiastic …

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/dyldnb

SoundCloud: https://www.soundcloud.com/dyl170

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