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Ez Vaughn, hope you’re good! So on the 8th of November see’s the start of your new label night! Can you give us some background on how the concept of starting up the “Danger Chamber Sessions” came about? 

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, a friend of mine has a weekly event down at 512, and she wanted a drum & bass night there and asked me if I wanted to take charge of that side of things. Obviously it’s going to be a hard long haul to try get us to get it busy.

For a first event I must say it’s certainly making a statement for a Thursday night gig, some serious selectors in there man. How did you go about picking that line up? 

I’ve decided to book people who for 1 I respect, and 2 support what I’m doing and also having 2 DJs from the labels roster and for me to finish it off.

DJ Taylor is a Badman Selector, he knows his stuff, I call him my right hand man, He travels down from Birmingham to my house in Essex just to do Radio so that shows me his dedication to this music scene.

As for Kyam, I’ve known him for a while now & he has a few tracks out on Danger Chamber Digital aswell as other labels such as Foundation X, AKO, plus he has just started his new label Unbidden Audio. 

Polarity is my Top Boy, this guy will go places within the dnb scene. He has an EP out on Danger Chamber Digital and also has another one lined up for this year! Another talented producer I’m proud to call a friend as aswell as an artist. 

As for Structure, this guy is as down to earth as you can get. He has come to mine to do jungletrain and I’ve gone to Life FM to guest up on his shows. He likes the same sounds, and again, I’m glad to call him a friend, very talented DJ.

Sticking with the Thursday night gig flex, I personally have always enjoyed week day gigs and a lot of the time even more than weekend events. They seem too pull out mostly the true music lovers/committed headz because it’s a “school night” which I love, but then I also do see the risk of launching any new event with it being on a week day from a promoters perspective. Is this something that worries you at all being a fresh event? 

As for the event being on a Thursday night, it’s a case of getting the artists together, come down run a few tunes and to generally mingle with each other and have a good time. As for the event itself we went for £5 entry all night , which is cheap enough and it’s a chance to come down and listen to some real drum & bass. It’s a slow process which overtime I hope it really takes off, 2nd event is lined up for the 13th December and the line up is ready for that one also! ??

Away from the event, how about things with record label? Pretty consistent release schedule this year in 2018 ?

I started the label up in 2010. Only reason I started the label was because there are so many producers out there that don’t really get their tunes heard or released, so I was willing to give them a chance if I was feeling the tracks myself. To have people such as Polarity, Kyam, Skru, Theory, Stranjah, Headgear, Dave Hoax, Epoxy, Dreadmaul, Vince Rollin, Zebedee, to name a few release on my label it shows we mean business. As for this year, we have released a few EPs and our latest is a 11 track Remix EP. The next 1 is also in progress, been sent off for mastering, which is an 8 tracker by Polarity & Epoxy. Also, we have something special lined up for our 50th release! All will be revealed soon!!

Are you looking to stick with Thursday until you are happy you have a good following and then contemplate moving to a Friday or Saturday? 

Maybe in time if it all takes off we get a chance to change a day and more hours available then I’ll look into it.

So for anybody who’s not aware of your label and might have only been made aware through the forthcoming event, can you explain exactly what styles of dnb you will be pushing?

We generally go for the deeper side of drum n bass, full on amens or deep tribal sounds! Nothing commercial, no jump up allowed as it’s not a sound I’m feeling. 

So tickets for the events are just £5! Can you give us some idea why you decided to offer such a bargain ticket price? 

It’s a Thursday night, and we just want to get numbers inside. 

Having visited 512 and understanding that they have their own in house system but also allow people to bring their own too, which option will you be taking for the first event?

As for the sound system I’ll use the clubs stuff , but do have friends who have their own stuff and I’ll be able to use for future events! As I’ve said before it’s a start and I hope we’re here for the long haul.

Thank you for talking with me and best of luck with your first event!!! 

FaceBook:  https://www.facebook.com/dangerchamberdigital/




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