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So first off, for those who aren’t aware of Conspired Within Music, when did it launch and what inspired you to start the label?

I started the label in 2015 as I was inspired to push a style of DnB in which I was already making and I was hearing a lot of artists that were undiscovered and making some unique tracks. I wanted to start the imprint that not only would allow me to open up my freedom in releases, but to give the world a look at all the un-tapped talent that’s out there. There is so many great producers and tunes out there that nobody has heard.

A really interesting roster on Conspired Within Music, producers from all over the globe all with a similar dark sound and I like the fact that you push new and lesser known artists like-Epilleptech, Autosymbol, Tobe:n, Cryptographic etc. How easy was it to link with these artists and in turn go on to sign their music?

Well, when you hear something that strikes your ear and fits within the vision, it just comes naturally to want that artist on board regardless of how popular the artist’s name is. Generally I receive demos that I listen to weekly as I will always reply either way, some ask to check out their sound cloud as well as send me private links. I also enjoy going through sound cloud and hearing new artists in which I will contact directly telling them I really enjoy their work and if they have any future material to send over to review for the label. With so many un-heard artists it’s great to hear stuff that I can give an outlet too. Plus, it gets artists heard by a wide scope of dnb fans and in the shops which is great for any inspiring or seasoned artist wanting exposure.

There is currently and always has been a strong flow of DnB music out of UK and Europe, living in America how do you find the output from the states is currently, with artists up and coming and also pushing the scene forward?

There are so many really great artists in the U.S that are pushing the levels of creativity in production. U.S DnB throughout the years has increased in the amount of artists coming with quality and I really enjoy seeing the progression here. Big name artists here that are signed to overseas labels are doing very unique and heavy vibes which really pave the way for future artists and tunes. Just a lot of talent and its great!

Over in the UK the label seems to be well recognized and people enjoy the output. How well are you received in America?

Thank you! Yeah, I’ve noticed the label has a lot of support from all over the globe- I’m truly thankful for everyone worldwide that supports and enjoys the labels output / catalog. I have to thank the label artists as they are the sound that moves the label. Everyone that’s on CWM has a unique sound and style to their production. As far as the U.S, there is a lot of artists doing different things and going their own path which is wonderful. That is what I am doing as an artist and label. The fans / supporters seem to be all over the board, liking a wide range of DnB styles and sub genres. The sounds are always changing which is excellent – so it takes an acquired taste to get into the deeper – halftime – minimal 170 bpm styles here in the U.S. Majority of the supporters of the label have an open mind to abstract and deeper sound which in turn allows me to focus on pushing the label to new levels in the future. I am seeing more people here in the U.S getting involved in the deeper DnB side as the label grows and moves into different vibes and styles.

So on the 9th of Feb the forthcoming ‘Artist Collective” LP will be exclusively released from Talk us through how this project came about?

“Yes! Very excited about this. ‘Artist Collective LP’ has been a year in the making. Slowly building the project into what it has become. The idea was to bring artists together worldwide that was pushing different aspects of the deeper sound of DnB. Inviting these artists from all over the globe to come together on one project is amazing. Each artist’s track represents their style, then forming the LP into a 16 track project. I am very happy with the LP as a whole. You can hear in each track the specific styles that mesh perfectly with the release.

I understand the LP will be a 100 limited copy CD which will be hand numbered for anybody who would like a physical copy and it’s looking very nice Ryan… In the UK the vinyl scene is big within electronic music, did you ever consider a vinyl release of the LP?

Aw yes.. The big vinyl question. This is something that I’ve been asked by many supporters of the label. The answer is simple… Vinyl production / pressing is very costly. From getting the masters cut, electroplating, jacket printing, labels and the overall pressings, this 16 track LP would take (8) vinyl’s to make one unit. The label is self funded and ran by myself so the overall vinyl costs are over budget, not to mention vinyl distribution which would be needed unless I sold web store direct. Regarding future releases, I have been debating on doing limited edition run of ‘vinyl dubs’ in the future which are cut in real-time on vinyl and are just as durable as pressed vinyl. These will be very rare! Max runs are 30-50 copies and even though the price is higher per plate, it will be worth it as it will be directed strictly for collectors and fans that are quick to order for that true limited edition vinyl.

There’s a strong 16 tracks on the CD 11 standard tracks plus 5 CD bonus tracks and all 16 tunes for anybody who buys the digital release on pre-order. Did you always aim for this many tracks, or did the figure go up as and when you were putting the LP together?

Actually, I expected it to be a large LP like this. As tracks started coming in throughout the year I was gathering a wide range of styles from artists from all over the globe. As CD professionals limit the disk length to 80 minutes, I wanted to fill up the disk with tracks as much as possible while keeping quality and exhibiting all styles.

After listening through the LP numerous times I can see the a consistent dark and eerie vibe throughout the LP although consistent I found it never became “samey” , how easy did you find it bringing together these artists who all share the similar sound and fit the label sound you want ?

It was actually a lot of listening to tracks…Planning and deciding which artists and tracks could bring a unique flavor to the project. Selecting tracks that would bring it all together, it naturally it came together very nicely.

Off the subject slightly… Upon reading through Neurosplits bio on your website I noticed that he came from a metal/hardcore background as a guitarist and now is making DnB, I’ve heard many discussions in the comparison between rock/metal and DnB and how they share the same energy, what’s your opinion on this?

Yes, I believe there are a lot of artists that come from a variety of musical backgrounds. Metal/Rock/Hardcore in specific as you mentioned – It has high energy and feeling involved with it. As most music genres’ have a special something that pulls listeners in, I think musical backgrounds are key when artists move to making dnb. They already have sounds and images in their mind they are forming into their audio creations.

So Ryan you are the man who made Conspired Within Music possible… Can you give us some background on your musical journey prior to 1995 when you got into DnB/Jungle?

Being born in 1980, and really grabbing music as much as possible in late 80’s and 90’s, I enjoying a lot of old school rap and 90’s dance club stuff I would catch on the radio. Hearing the hard beats and bass of rap, combined with the 90’s Techno/House based mainstream club music that hit the U.S like a storm, Jungle/DnB naturally pulled me in fast. It combined the hard cutting edged bass and synths with beats/breaks that had energy. I do find some rock and Jazz music to be calming and allow for mellow moods. For some reason the breaks and musical arrangements settle me. Maybe that’s why I enjoy the deeper side of DnB. Lol! But…My DnB ear has a wide range, so keep an eye out different stuff in the future.

Also Ryan, you live in California is that correct?


I’ve never been but always imagined it’s just like it looks in the films Beverly Hills Cop… Am I right? And… Do you think it could ever possibly end up looking like the video for that was filmed for-California Love?

LOL!! Love the question!… Well, California is a big state… Very beautiful here. A lot of beaches and things to do as the weather is amazing pretty much all year round, I believe I live in the most relaxing area here. Though ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ movie was filmed in the 80’s.. A lot has changed since then.. but yes! You’re right it’s nice here! As far as the ‘California Love’ Video… LOL! I hope not!! That was filmed in the desert and looked like a Mad Max end of existence setting. I’ll stick to the palm trees and beach sunsets with a drink in hand.

Back to the serious questions… From previous conversations I understand you love your trainers! What’s the most you have paid for a pair and what is currently your favorite pair?

Oh wow! Sneaker talk! Yes, I have a mini shoe store in my closet.. It’s true I have had an addiction of collecting trainers or as we say ‘Sneakers’ for years. At one time I’ve had over 85 pairs of shoes that I never wore mint with original box, or rarely wore. Reason being… I wanted to keep them new and excellent condition. Sometimes I would buy 2 pairs, one to wear and one to store in my shoe vault. LOL!! Most I’ve paid was a few hundred dollars for Jordan’s retro’s. My favorite pair?? Tough question, there are so many great kicks… I love my collection of VANS! Always have.. always will.<3

When I was younger when I used to get a pair of trainers that looked so sweet on I wouldn’t want to wear them out at a risk of fucking them up, are you like that with your favorite kicks?

Yes! 100% for the fear that I will never find that style again, get them screwed up or they get discontinued. Hence my theory on buying 2 pairs if you really want to wear them. LOL.. Strange but makes sense.

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Going back to the label, after the release of the various artist LP , what else does Conspired Within Music have in store for us lucky people in 2018? And how about your own production output?

The label as some amazing releases on schedule for 2018! I don’t want to say too much on line up because I like every release to be a surprise, but rest assured there is solid murky releases in line. Excited about all the releases! Very cool stuff ahead. I will say that one of the releases/artist in particular turns up the heat level a few notches… it’s going to turn heads as I believe it pushes the labels sound – heavy!! There are no limitations as I found the release to slide the label into another level… As for my own productions, I took a slight break after my Cylon Recordings release to focus and organize the ‘Artist Collective LP’. In 2018…. I’ll be able to breathe more. I will be locking myself in the studio for awhile as I work on new textures and atmospheric sounds to mesh with my new material.

We would like to thank Conspired Within for taking the time to chat to us!


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