Outline Interview

When did your DJing passion begin? The whole journey started almost 4 years ago. Some of my closest friends were already djing for quite some time and I always looked up to them and enjoyed the idea of expressing myself through music. They taught me how to do it and soon after that I got …

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JB interview

Hello Jack. Thanks for talking to me. As always, let’s start at the beginning!  When was your introduction to Dj’ing and how did it come about? The short answer is A:D made me do it.  Hahahahaha. Despite being born in London I grew up in the Midlands and was pretty detached from the hardcore and …

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Structure Interview

Hey Robin, thanks for taking time out to chat! So let’s start at the beginning, how did you get into mixing and DJing? Hey man, thanks for having me! Well I got into DnB around 2004/5 (Pendulum/Mr Happy era don’t laugh) and was instantly hooked. Some of my friends had been getting into DJing at …

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Yorobi Interview

Hi Josje, you are officially the first in this new feature and I’m very happy about it!  Let’s start from the beginning, can you give the readers some background on when you got into this Dj stuff! Hi Tom, thanks for asking me to do this interview!  I started dj-ing when I was 17, under …

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